After H1 B revocation status what happens?

I am india now,after H1 B revocation status.

Looking guidance for below concerns:

  1. Can two employer one from India and another from USA file H1 B for me based on old and approved I-797?

  2. Will another USA employer be able to file H1 b for me as I am in India?

  3. If one get rejected then will I be eligible for another?

Thanks in advance!

After H1 B revocation status what happens?

Hello Experts

I am not getting any response from anyone.

Could you please help me out by giving above ans point-wise as per new rules?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. Yes

Thankyou so much Saurabh for your kindness and time spent for me…I’ll always be glad to in touch with you.

Hi Saurabh

As I have H1 B revocation status and visa stamping also not done.
Now, I wanted to go back to USA but,my employer said to get the job yourself so that we can get client letter for H1 B amendment process.

Appreciate your help on below question:

  1. I am in india,is it possible to show vendor/client that I am in USA and try to get offer letter.Then my employer can proceed for H1 B amendment and allow me for visa-stamping?

  2. Will I be fine if I get RFE and cleint dosnot provide others docs as they were looking my joinee in 3-4 weeks.

Plz help me.