After expiring H1b petition,within what time range i should apply for renewal/extension.


I was selected in lottery in 2013 and i got visa stamped in 2014.I travelled to USA for 1 year from Dec 2014 to Dec 2015.My petition and visa both expired on 25Aug 2016. My question is:

1.After expiring petition within how many days should i renew my petition or within 6 years any time can i start my renewal process.As of now i would have 5 year remaining as i 1 year already travelled.

2.Now i am switching to another company in India so another company can start my renewal process with the reference of older petition which expired.

Thank You

  1. You can get cap-exempt petition filed within 6 years of leaving US. Recent experiences suggest that USCIS is going easy on this 6 year rule.

  2. Yes, they can do that