After cancelling processed h1b application, I am applicable for fresh h1b application in next year?


My h1b visa application selected in April 2016 and its in process.but i want to withdraw it due to some family reason .so next year can I file fresh h1b application or not .if not then how much year i need to wait?

No, you need not withdraw. You can have it just go through the entire process and if approved, not use it at all. It is not mandatory that you need to compulsorily use the visa, if approved.

In case you decide to withdraw. You can apply next year without any issues.

Thanks a lot for reply.
The current visa which in process is from company A and next year my current company is planning to file fresh application.So I dont have any issue with fresh application right ?
For Company A terms and condition are little hard so cancelling the visa.

Your new petition can proceed irrespective of what happens to current petition. It is up to A whether they want to withdraw/revoke the petition or not.