Advise needed ... Admission and scholarship for MBA in USA


I am in the cross roads of deciding a date to take my GMAT exam. Though a few icky factors are keeping me at bay and helping me to procastrinate the date of exam (to put it on a lighter tone). Let me briefly outline my profile so that it helps you in advising me better. I am a BTech : NIT / MTech : IIT with high CGPA’s in both the colleges. In college I was part of a lot of extra curricular activities starting from debate/quizzing with many accolades. I have done 2 internships in US Companies and have a glowing recommendation letter from them. I joined the manufacturing sector (in a reputable company) as a techno management consultant and has been working closely for the last 5 years in taking up challenges and working on projects. Have elaborate experience in Statistical Data analysis and TQM Principles. It was a long time dream to have a MBA degree in my basket. After days of researching I have decided on choosing a career in consulting after my MBA. However I am stuck on the following issues

  1. I will have to get a scholarship to do my MBA in USA/Abroad. It is not possible of me to take any Loan or self fund my MBA. With the above background how suited am I to land into an scholarship (of course assuming a decent GMAT Score)
  2. I am a married person and will like to take my wife (who is dependent on me) with me when I go for higher studies. Is it possible to sustain my wife on the scholarship amount (assuming I get a free ride and a good amount of scholarship)
  3. In which there is a greater chance of getting a scholarship : EMBA or Regular MBA

Develop a project for a corporate sponsor and see if they might be interested in offering you a full ride scholarship - I have seen it work with Lockheed Martin, Pfizer and GE. You will of course need to be committed to the company for a few years after you complete your education.


Thanks a lot Mr Shankar for reaching out. I was actually looking for something like that. Can you please tell me if a company such as Lockheed Martin has some programmes like this, will I be able to get the information from there career site or do I have to reach out personally to their HR team?

Thanking you in Advance…

If I had to guess, regular MBA, but it depends on the school and their desire. Why is it impossible for you to get a loan for your MBA? We work with lenders who can provide MBA loans without a cosigner to international students. You can learn more at or email for any questions.