Advice needed on MS

Hi Mr. Kumar

I’m an avid reader of your articles. Probably you can help me out - It’s my dream to go to the US, but due to personal reasons I’ve not been able to move.

I’ve done my Engg and MBA & I’ve got 7+ years total work experience, currently working as an SAP Consultant.
I’ve applied for H1B via a private consultancy (As there is a huge queue for H1B in my office) in 2015 and 2016 but unfortunately, it wasn’t picked.

So, I’m planning to do my MS.
I’ve got a question which I hope you could help me with - Since I’ve applied privately for H1B, will it affect my chances for an F1 Visa. This was raised by a consultancy who says that this might hamper my chances for an F1 VISA.

Your inputs will be very valuable to me.

Thanks in advance

May be or may be not, F1 visa will be mainly check for genuinity as a student. If your answers show that you are applying for F1 just to work in USA, you may be denied a visa. And if they ask you, if you have ever applied for a US H1B visa before, I think you may have to say the truth.