Advice needed on change of visa status from B to H



I am from India, currently on a visit to the USA on B1/B2. I am looking for advice on any possibilities to get sponsorship to stay in the USA I feel it is best suited for me as I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about a decade back and have been hardly on ANY medication since then, because the doctors back there are almost clueless on how to handle my situation.   am restricted to a wheelchair now.Even the infrastructural facilities there are not upto the mark to meet the needs of people like me. 


The first best thing that I experienced here in the US is the motorised wheelchair which has given me a lot of independence in terms of my daily life which was very unaffordable there in my country.


So basically I would like to ask whether there is any kind of possibility for me to get permission to stay back here and work to lead an independent life.And also what is the process and how much time it takes.



You need to find a job in USA where the employer is willing to apply for your H1 visa. You cannot apply for H1, it is the employer who applies it on your behalf.