Advice needed in joining a masters course


I am looking forward to joining masters in a university in my city and I am planning to take admission for the coming Spring. There is only one university in my city and as my husband , who is on H1 cannot relocate, I can think only about this particular university.

The problem here is that they have only 2 courses for MS which are information science (IS) and CS. I being a non CS engg graduate from India, don’t fall in their pre requisites for CS admission; hence I am narrowed down to only one option which is masters in IS. However, the IS course they offer is not STEM approved and hence I will not be eligible for 17 months OPT extension. Please advise me if there are any risks in going forwards with joining IS course considering this stem approval and scope of IS.

Also, will all masters degrees fall in masters quota while applying for h1?

Thanks In Advance,



If the masters IS course, they have is not STEM approved, the only impact you would have is the 17 month OPT extension, which is huge. All MS degree programs are eligible for H1B, if they are awarded from a decent accredited University. It is surprising to hear that the CS program is not STEM approed, while IS is approved. Double check with the graudate school office in the university and get the CIP Codes. Not sure, if you have read these articles.

CIP Codes and STEM

Look around your area, maybe 30 or 40 miles, you may find a school that meets your requirements.