admission query for mba in usa with 58% btech

I got 58% in btech, I might climb it to 60% but my doing this inwould be completeing my btech in 5 years…do I hv any good chnce to get in really good university in usa as I m looking for long term investement(studing and settling) and what shld be my target score in gre or gmat…? Shld I get work exp. N thn aplly

Well, anything that is well above the limit of admission at a school. Because of the poor academics, you would need to focus on offset that with good test scores. I cannot really say what is a good score as it varies by school. Check the average score of the school you plan to get in and then aim to get much higher than that…Also, you would need work on other things like SOP and recomendations to make your profile strong.

Sir thanks alot for advice.sir I m very focus to change my future and bury my past, soi decided to study for masters in us…sir if I score near 323 or 310 in gre it will be ok…with 5 years betch and less%…

Please email this question to one of our admission counselors. You might get additional helpful information.

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