Admission for Schools in Torrance


Please help me with the below:

My self and my family (hubby & 2 kids) are moving from India to USA in Oct’15.
Primary work location would be El Segundo. Having heard that Torrance is the best place with lot of Indians and good commutation and less traffic, we are considering Torrance to stay.

We have 2 kids (10yrs & 3 yrs). Elder one is FEB born and little one is AUG born. Can you please help me understand what is the criteria they look during the admission in schools there? also, I heard Public Schools offer free education. Is it totally free or we need to pay any fee for bus transportation or anything else?

I believe Schools are already started there. As we come in Oct’15, is it possible to get admission in the Public schools?

For little one, do we have Public Kindergarten’s ( I mean free one’s)

Thanks in advance!!