Administrative processing without slip (Document at post)

Went for H1b visa interview last week. The consular said putting you in administrative processing and retained the passport and said not to worry will get the passport in a week. I did not get any slip. I have been checking the status to track my passport it said “Still with the US consulate”
after a week I drop a email to I get a reply as “there is no status update available for the passport number submitted.” I also called the number +91 120 4844644 and gave my UID. The automated teller said “Your documents are at the post”. What does this mean?
Help needed guys! Any thoughts?

I understand, it can be nervous waiting for it…But, it happens. Sometimes they give a white slip, but not always…You need to wait for few more days, sometimes it can take few weeks…
The good part is they have taken your passport…So stay positive.

Post is nothing but Consulate…

Also, do share your updates here for everyone benefit.

Thank you Kumar for the prompt reply. Really appreciate it. What does white slip indicate? Should i reach out to them asking if they need any documents or they will reach out to me? They haven’t asked for any documents though.

No need to follow-up or ask them. Just wait…If something is needed, they will reach out to you via email. The white slip is just a common process, some get that, where it tells your application is under 221g and nothing to submit.

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Thank you Kumar. Today my status on shows Document Delivery Status is blank. Before it was Your passport is with the Embassy/consulate. The still shows AP.
Do you know what does Document Delivery Status is blank mean?

Can you share the screenshot by removing any personal info on it ?

Here is the screenshot. Also on it still shows AP. My Interview was on 26th Sept. Its been more than a week now. Also is it possible to see a change in status during holidays or weekend. I attended the chennai consulate and we there have been holidays this week on 6th and 7th oct and last week on 2nd oct. would that cause delay?

Your source of truth is ceac website, so your status is still Administrative processing. I understand your concern, but please be patient, it can take some time at times…You should see something like visa issued on the ceac website first… Do post your update, if any changes.

Thank you Kumar. My case update date was changed today to todays date. Previously it was showing the date of interview(26th Sept). When do you think the status will change now?

I wish, I had an answer, anything that says administrative processing is a black box, it can take few days to few weeks…fingers crossed…

Thank you Kumar for all your responses. The status on ceac website changed to Issued today.

Hi, Kumar

Could you please help me here?

I’m the same situation as abhonsle.
Interview date: 10/10/2019
Interview type: L1 to H1/H4( first time H1 stamping- Change of status for me and spouse)
Interview location : Vancouver
VO: asked some questions regarding my previous L1 visa which was restamped due to I-94 expiry. Didn’t understand and then proceeded in a hurry to ask few questions regarding my job, role etc and then said your case needs more information for us to process and gave us a White paper(generic 221g ) explained. He said not sure how long this will take and asked us to wait for the email. We are quite baffled because we have had smooth stamping process twice in India and once last year I’m Vancouver. Here is the screen shot of the white letter.

We have our baby with us and have booked a hotel only until next week. I’m really concerned. Looking for some guidance. Will it be a positive response? Also generally in this case when can we expect a response from them? I also have my L1 visa valid until the end of this year.


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@abhonsle, Congrats ! Happy to hear.