Administrative processing completed - Send passport

Hello Saurabh,

I really appreciate your answers while my journey towards H1B stamping.

My H1B request was under administrative processing due to 221g pink slip issual. 3 Weeks back I recieved a mail from Chennai consulate that my administrative processing completed and please send the passport.

Does that mean I will get my VISA issued once I submit the passport? Is there a chance of VISA refusal at this stage? I am worried about further refusal as I need to resign from present company to join the company in US and I need to come back to India just for this purpose from Europe.

Thanks in advance,


NB: I am not in India to submit the passport immediatly to VFS .

You need not worry. Just submit your passport.

Does that mean its a 100% VISA stamping? Sorry about my curiosity, but too many things are under stake for me :slight_smile:

I understand but no one can guarantee 100%. But if they have asked for passport it very likely means stamping done!

Well. I am hoping for the best. Thanks a lot for your support.

Today I saw my status in CEAC as issued, though case status in consulate says SEND PPT. I submitted my passport 5 days back and still no information\e-mail from consulate. Could anyone comment here ?

is your visa approved?

Yes, I got it stamped :slight_smile: