Administrative processing 221g - no slip was given during visa interview


I have attended my H1b visa interview on 21 Dec 2015 in Chennai consulate. The VO officer asked few questions and verified my I797 and passed back to me.Then she said my visa is approved and handed me a pamphlet to read when i am free. After a week of time i got mail saying my passport is ready to be picked up at the collection centre. However i got my passport without visa stamped along with 221g sheet saying my case is under administrative processing.

Is this 221G or normal processing that is done before every visa is issued? Does anyone know of any case where it has gone into 221G after the visa officer said that the visa is approved? I would greatly appreciate if anyone sheds some light on this.

221g is issued only when consulate needs additional information and documents before issuing the visa. At times they need this information from you; at times it is just administrative work at their end.

Did they ask you to submit any document? Do you know if other applicants from your H-1B employer met similar fate?

There is nothing you can do except to wait patiently

They did not ask to submit any document. One another candidate from the consultancy also faced this situation, however he got stamped today for the same client which i have been offered. But i am not sure how long did he wait for that.

Is your visa approved?

any update on you case?
for me CO said approved. and 1 week later i got questionnaire to fill.