administrative processing - 221(g) for CR1 spouse visa!!!

Recently I attended my CR1 visa interview at the US consulate Mumbai. The interviewer asked me all sorts of questions regarding our marriage. After the interview she said she doesn’t find any reason that I shouldn’t be issued the visa. She then read out the Part-2 portion of DS-230 and asked me to raise my hand and take the oath.Finally she asked me to sign the DS-230 part 2 form. I was relieved for a while and thought I got through the interview but then she asked me about my PhD project work. I’m in the final stages of my PhD work (biotechnology) and hopefully will submit my thesis by next month. After I explained about my work, she gave my passport back along with 221(g) and asked me to mail them my resume, type of work, a briefing about the work I did and professional references. I’m wondering why they need my educational details for issuing a spouse visa. Please help.

Bio Technology , Chemical Engineering etc are some of the subjects marked for 221 G. I am not surprised. It was inevitable

I am not defending the action of consulate . But merely stating the facts

Wait patiently till yr case gets clearance from USA