Admin processing - 221g - White letter - L1 to H1b status change

Hello all,

Could you please help me here?

Interview date: 10/10/2019
Interview type: L1 to H1/H4( first time H1 stamping- Change of status for me and spouse)
Interview location : Vancouver
VO: asked some questions regarding my previous L1 visa which was restamped due to I-94 expiry. Didn’t understand and then proceeded in a hurry to ask few questions regarding my job, role , highest degree( I have bachelor’s)etc , 7 years work ex in the US direct)and then said your case needs more information for us to process and gave us a White paper(generic 221g ) explained. He said not sure how long this will take and asked us to wait for the email. We are quite baffled because we have had smooth stamping process twice in India and once last year I’m Vancouver. Here is the screen shot of the white letter.

We have our baby with us and have booked a hotel only until next week. I’m really concerned. Looking for some guidance. Will it be a positive response? Also generally in this case when can we expect a response from them? I also have my L1 visa valid until the end of this year.


Sorry to hear about your situation. I am assuming they took your passport, is that correct ?
I have seen this kind of white slip given in other locations and they were cleared in about a week or so. I do know some had issues…it may be just that some flag came up in their backend system and they need to validate…If your passport was taken, it is a positive sign.
I understand, it can be very painful waiting outside of your home country or resident country…stay positive…you should hear back soon… Wait for week to 10 days and then make a decision on the action plan…by then hopefully the consulate gives you some update… Do share your update here as well…
Good luck !

Hi mag,

Did the VO return your passport? What does the status on ceac website say? As per what I have read in other forums if they have returned the passport they will reach out to you to submit the passport back. Kumar will be able to tell you better.

Hi Abhonsle,

No he kept our passports along with i797 and DS160 forms and didn’t ask for any documents. Just gave that white letter. Yes waiting for Kumar’s reply.

Status as of today on CEAC is image


@mnag, Taking passports is a good sign. Stay Positive ! Do update your status here.

Hi Kumar,

Thanks so much for the reply. All the inputs from you gave a lot of confidence.

So here’s the update;
Today morning the status on the website had changed to issued and we also received an email saying our passports were sent to Canada post and we could collect it end of the day today. We went there at 4:30 pm and collected our passports with the stamp. :blush:Thanks so much!

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Congratulations ! Happy to hear… Have safe flight back !