Address not matching in ds160 and passport

My address in ds160 is my hometown address, it is also my mailing address but my passport address is old address where i lived before. Now we moved out of that house(the one on passport address). Now when i fill the form to apply for visa it says: ****" Attention : Before you enter the receipt number ensure that the passport bio data and DS-160 information matches the ustraveldocs profile for all applicants scheduled during this session. Discrepancies between the profile, passport information, and DS-160 information may require completion of a new profile and purchase of a new MRV fee receipt. MRV fees are not refundable nor transferrable after they are assigned to a particular applicant."

What should i do? kindly help.

this is the first time i am applying for visa. It is a student visa. what shall i do?

The address on the Passport does not matter. Your current address is what matters. The alert is related to the Name, Date of Birth and validity details. So, dont worry about the address on the passport.

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thank you so much for helping out in such a short period.

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i got the Same issue and i am not able to see the visa payment link . what can i do now ? as my address is deiifernt than passport in ds160 . please suggest to proceed further