Address changed status when i check USCIS status with receipt number


I am kinda worried. I got my receipt number from my I20 - cap gap. Attorney said they did not receive it yet.

Till today the status on uscis website was initial review.

Today it says address changed. Last time when employer called the number was said to be associated with my name. Today my DSO sent my I20 which had the same receipt number.

When I ask the attorney to call, they say they cannot do anything as they do not have any physical receipt yet.

I am not sure what might be the reason for this. I dont know if uscis can change it if it finds some mistakes in data entry. Attorney asked me to send the copy of I20 so that they have some proof. Please advise.

Good news is it is approved too… So probably no receipt, direct approval mail!

Congrats! Saves me one response :slight_smile:

Thanks Saurabh :slight_smile: Attorney received approval notice yday… :slight_smile: