ACI Infotech reviews H1B2016-17


Anybody got H1B sponsored by ACI Infotech? Pls provide your views on the company.

Do they ask you to pay money for visa/training etc?

Do they share LCA details, Fedex # with your name, receipt # if picked, not picked notice if not picked, client letter, documents for stamping, marketing profile to find projects, pay on time etc…

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PM me your whatsapp number to be a part of ACI Infotech applicants for 2016

bump… anybody there who is applying thru aci this year?

Hi, I have filed through ACI this year…

Me and 10 people I know together. PM me your whatsapp number to add you to the group.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Sent my number to you through a private message.

me too filing with ACI this year. how to send private message to share my number

Any/ all of you asked for transferring money to their Indian Bank A/c? If yes, how much?

Any other applicants thru ACI, pls private message your number to get you added in the applicants whatsapp group.

Guys don’t file your H1b from this company.

This worst company to go with
You are risking your money they won’t even file your paper work
If you got your H1b transferred in US then you will be trapped by this company
They won’t pay you as per offer letter reduce 15-20k less whatever you were promised because lot of hidden charges there
Medical plan is terrible
Don’t give salary slip so that you should not transfer your company
DOL case is already running on this company
If you work for this comapany then CEO of this comapany is only one guy who describe everything from buy stationery to run payroll and he will never care about employee he is just greedy pi@
You are about to become victim of human trraficking if you join this comapany
Good luck

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Hi Ravi,

Could you share your email to reach you on this. I’m also one of the Victim for this company. so need to know on this.

I am one of the victim of this company and CEO Verma, I filed a case against them and won it too.

Ha Ha dont be fooled by this fraud guy he wont file anything he will cut your salary abuse you and finally you will run away