accidentally sold tobacco to a minor

I am here on a visitor visa, recently applied for status change to F1 visa, was at my cousins tobacco store (alone) and sold tobacco to a minor which was a sting ( an honest mistake, as he was going to be 18 in sep 2016, i just checked the year and sold the tobacco), few mins later the cops showed up and gave me a ticket, no ticket to the store just me. and asked me to present myself in the court of municipal judge in missouri. they took my passport number.

any insight on this or suggestions as to what can happen next? will it effect my application to change of status? will i be deported back? what will be the scenario in the court?can any1 help me as i dont want to get into trouble and very regretful of my silly mistake.


It is better to talk to a good immigration lawyer about this as your case may need detailed understanding.