Accidentally crossed US border to Canada

Hi, we have accidentally crossed US border through Canada for visiting Niagara falls without passports. Canada immigration has formally took IDs and gave unintended visit copy. While returning back to US border, the officer asked for passports and took IDs again. He has warned us and allowed back to US. Our question is,will there be any issue while we are on H1b and F1 visa since they have taken our IDs for some verification and returned them.

Will there be any issue going or coming to US in future or now ?

Please help with the information we are bit tensed.

Thank you in advance.

I dont think so as your were allowed to enter back on your ID. No need to panic or worry.

Hi Kalpesh,

Really thank you for your reply. We see our i-94 been updated. We are like,do we have to do anything now?

Thanks again.

No action whatsoever.

I had the similar problem in Oct 2018 and I 94 only shows arrival no departure. I but has visa stamping after that without any issues. Wondering should I fix it like should I go to CBP to get the arrival record removed or should I add an departure also.