Academic Credential Evaluation

Hello again Anil/Saurabh,

I have another basic query. At the beginning of my H1B petition process my petitioner had sent me my Academic Credential Evaluation Report which was done by The World Academic Research Center Inc, USA. What I want to know is:

Whether this step (Academic Credential Check & Evaluation) is a necessary [b]Requirement by the USCIS for H1B Petition Filing [/b]or is it  a R[b]equirement by the Labour Department to Obtain the LCA [/b]or it is[b] just for the Employer's benefit & satisfaction to ascertain that I have necessary educational/academic qualification for the job?[/b]

Thanking you once again in advance.

H1B is issued to a specialty occupation, requiring theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge along with at least a bachelors degree or its equivalent.

As such for any individual with a foreign degree it becomes essential to exhibit that his educational qualification/ combo of educational and work experience is equivalent to atleast a US Bachelors degree. Hence in an ideal scenario you will need your academic evaluation before filing for your H1b. When short on time people do file H1b without an evaluation in which case in all probablity you can expect a RFE and have to file the appropriate documents at that stage.