About visa procedure for PhD after M.S In US

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I completed my masters in electrical engineering from University of texas at arlington. I am currently on my STEM OPT which is going to expire in Feb 2020 and i am joining Phd Program in January 2020.
I want to know the visa extension prodecure and I have one more question regarding work authorization while i am on Phd program. Can i apply to my CPT while on PHD? What is the work authorization gonna be once i finish my Phd if i do not get GC-EAD till then?

Thank you.

Your F1 status would automatically continue once you enroll in PhD.
Also, you will be eligible for F1 stamping using Dropbox option.

Now, the CPT option here is slightly tricky as it abused by many for joining Day 1 CPT schools…you will very likely need to wait for two semesters to get CPT, which is typical for most of the schools…Discuss with DSO on this… As you are going to new level, you will get another 12 months OPT. Read OPT for Second Masters or New Level…GC is a very different thing, someone need to file for GC for you…


Thanks for your reply. That’s good to know but i do need to travel out of usa to use Dropbox option right?

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Anusha Gopagani

Yes, you need to travel outside and go to your home country, where you got stamping for dropbox appointment and stamping.

Thanks for your response kumar. Can i do my f1 visa extension in canada or do i need to attend interview in india?