About traveling to Canada and coming back to US

I have a question and would appreciate your guidance on the matter.

My wife and I currently hold valid Canadian visas until our passport expiration date. Additionally, we possess H1B and H4 US visas valid until 04/18/2024, along with valid I-797 until 07/04/2026.

We have recently booked airline tickets for a trip to Canada, scheduled to return on 04/14/2024. However, I would like to seek clarification on a potential concern. Upon returning to the US from Canada on 04/14/2024, our US visas will only be valid for four more days.

Considering our valid I-797 extend until 07/04/2026, I am wondering if there might be any issues at the port of entry due to the limited remaining validity on our visas.

Your insights and guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

You dont even need a valid US visa to enter back to the US if you are visiting Canada or Mexico and returning back to the US, within 30 days. This is called Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR).

As far as entering with a short visa validity, visa is just a travel document and as far as it is valid on the date you enter the US, you are good.

is it possible to visit US with Canada tourist visa after entering Canada?

Not unless you already have a valid US visa or working on H1B/L1/TN status in the US.

Provide more context in the question so that ita easy to understand your situation or scenario.