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My H1 got approved on last week of May and lawyer got courtesy copy of receipt but we haven’t got i-797A copy yet. How much longer should we wait before contacting USCIS?

I filed for H1 from 2 employers[consultancyA and B] as my full time employer refused to do so.
Both of them got picked.
I received a project via 1 employer [employer A] and started working with them recently.I have filed for PREMIUM processing via employer B and got an RFE.

My stem OPT ends in July and my cap gap has been approved and has my Full time employer’s details on it.
I have these questions:

Can i fill out 2 I983 forms for these 2 employers [A and B]?
Do i need to fill out a new cap gap form for new employer? [A and B]?
Is it legal to work for both A and B employers at same time?

I have the same situation now.
Did you get your copy of receipt ?