about schooling in USA - is it correct to move to USA from india

I got my H1B approved this year and iam moving from India to USA this month.My elder son is in 8th grade and my younger son is in 1st grade.

Kindly let me know is there any impact on my elder son’s education due to sudden change in studies,environment etc.

Also if we will return from USA after 3 years to India what will be the impact on my son’s education ?

Kindly reply and giude me in this as iam very much worried about my elder son’s education



First of all Congatulation on your H1 Approval.

As your are saying that your kid is in 8th Standard and you will come back after 3 year.In that case my suggestion is to Leave him at Guarding and he can continue his studies ( But Personally leaving kid alone id not an good idea). For Sure Studies will be affected with change in Environment, But as you an H1B Aspirant i think you should not give away the option u leavinig to US . But the descision is major…