About renewing the Indian passport while shifting houses in US

In a couple of weeks I am going to move out of my current US address to a new US address. I am doing my Indian passport renewal while sitting at my US address which is about to expire.

So the CKGS asks for 2 addresses - one from which I am mailing the documents and the one to which they will mail the passport. So for the first one I guess I have to give my about-to-end address. But for the later can I use a friend’s address who lives nearby?

Idea being that if the passport takes a long time to come then he can receive the passport on my behalf and then FedEx it to my new place.

I plan to use my permanent address in India as my “passport printable address” in the form that has to be filled up on the government of India site - to which the CKGS redirects at its last step.