About multi-major?

Hello friends,
I want to know that what is the exact procedure to apply for double major during my masters (M.S)?
Also, Do we have to pay for thise extra credits which we pursue?
Apart from that is there any need to mention my intention in sop’s about doing double majors, which are different field altogether. I am interested in M.S in Electrical and Economics.
Please guide and advise on information in missed to mention in above.
Thanks in advance.

The process varies by school. In general here are the my thoughts based on your questions

Yes, you will need to pay for the extra course credits you takeSome schools have a fixed program for double major and when you apply to them, then you mention about it in SOP and other documentation.Some schools may not have a direct program, then you may need to work with the Graduate school in that university on how best you apply for both programs. It may be easy, if you are doing double major in same department …For instance, School of Science and Engineering…But, if your majors are from different departments like your case Business and Engineering, then you need to check with the school. In general, I have not seen double majors in Masters level. Typically they would award two degrees like MS in Electrical and MS in Economics. The reason is that these do not have common foundation or core courses. Because economics requires business foundations, unlike electrical requires engineering foundations…Nevertheless, check with few schools to get some understanding.

Thank you Mr. Kumar, that was indeed very helpful. BTW you are doing very good work to guide international students like us on the whole process. Thanks and keep ot going.

Sure. Thanks for the nice words ! Glad it helps everyone.