About L2 Visa Application for my Wife

I am working on my wife’s L2 petition. Need clarity on following questions:

  1. She is currently working in Singapore and can she apply from there?

  2. It asks for marriage album. Can someone please tell me what exactly needs to be shown in the album (like how many photographs or how many ceremonies and stuff)

  3. Does she need to come to the states to apply for EAD or can she apply from Singapore

  4. What is the normal duration for which she has to be in the US for applying EAD?

  5. How does the biometric criterion work for EAD applicants?

  6. Can she go back to Singapore after applying for EAD?

  1. Yes, she can apply for L2 from Singapore

  2. She will not be asked for album, a common law marriage certificate must be available

  3. She must not apply for EAD when abroad, person must be legally present in the US.

  4. There is no normal duration, she can apply immediately after arriving

  5. It is a standard method involving fingerprint and security check

  6. Yes, she can go back and you can let her know when approval is received