About H1B transfer

I got a very Disappointing problem, plz help me…

I applied my H1B this year and approved, it starts from Oct 1st( I think)

And I am laid off from current company( says company A), they give me 4 weeks to find a new job.

My questions, can I transfer my H1B, Oct 1st? Because someone told me I need three three pay stubs… I only have pay stubs under OPT… is that ok?..


Hi Tao,

Sorry to hear about your lay-off. But don’t worry - you can transfer your H1-b to a new employer after Oct 1 (once your H1b starts).

Since you have pay-stubs from OPT, that will serve the purpose. You should not have any problems.

I know as almost the same has happened with me, so don’t worry. Just find a good employer and get the visa transferred!

Hi, I was in a similar situation.

I was laid off in August but the original H1B petitioner is not withdrawing until after Oct 1st.
Now I have a new company willing to file for me - I didn’t work for company A on Oct 1st, however, am I still considered cap-exempt since I was counted once and hence can do the transfer right? Any help much appreciated. My situation is very URGENT! Thanks so much in advance.

Hey, how did your transfer go? Did it get approved?