About h1b lottery results for current year 2017-18 VISA

I have applied for HIB visa by April3rd 2017 login, Not sure if the lottery system has been done or not. However, when I will get to know whether I have selected in lottery or not?

Kindly, please let me know. Still I have not received any kind of info from my sponsor. Just he shared the FEDex tracking number which has been dispatched from USICS. This happened a week before.

Kindly - please share your inputs.



You have to wait for weeks as all others until your employer receives a mail with a receipt number of your petition. USCIS usually start sending out receipt notices mid - April and people receive it until late May. Until your employer receives the receipt notice, there is no confirmation that you made it into the lottery.

Hi Raman,

What happens first cheques get cashed or employer gets receipts?

Either could happen. There is no guarantee what will happen first.