About H1B Dropbox Stamping

Hello Everyone,
Recently I did change of status from F1 to H1B.
I am applying for the 1st time H1B stamping Dropbox appointment.
I am working for Employer ABC and my client is XYZ and I work remotely from home for that client.
In my LCA I see all the 3 addresses mentioned - Employer address, Client address and my home address(From where I am now working)

While filling DS 160 form on the last page “Temporary work visas”
What information are we supposed to give in “Where you intent to work?” Are we supposed to give the same information of the employer who filed H1B or we are supposed to give the information of the client’s Name and address?

SO what info to fill in here:
Name of the person/Company who filled H1B: Is this the employer name who filled H1B?
Under “Where do you intend to work”
Employer Name : Is this client Name or employer name?
Address: Is this my home address or client address?

If anyone can help me answer these questions, that will be of great help.

Thank you


Your employer.

Your employer address as in your LCA/I-129 petition.

Do consult your employer’s immigration lawyer and double check.