AAO Sustained , how long will it take to get my H1b approval?

Hi ,

My attorney received the AAO decision on October 9 saying that it is sustained . Any idea how long will it take to get my approval?. I work on H4 ead now and i am going to India on Nov 21.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Well, it can take 30 to 90 days or more, we do not know the exact time. You need to ask your attorney to follow up and keep on top of this to get the decision of approval…

Ok, if i go to India n come back before i get my approval here, will my h1 b get cancelled?

If it was COS, then COS will be abandoned. Usually it is not recommended that you to travel, unless there is a no option.
I would suggest you talk to your attorney and then make a decision on your travel.

@divakna: Did you receive the approval notice? Also, did your online case status change when the appeal was sustained?

Hi,I am also in the same boat.Could you please let me know how look it took to get an approval from USCIS?