A stalemate kind of situation about F1 and H1

I dont want to lie saying that i am a regular follower of this blog from many years, but i have been following this blog from some months quite regularly and your work deserves huge appreciation.I have a query to ask and i would be honored if you can answer this.

Q) Problem is that i have an employer sponsoring H1B for me in this cycle and i have also got i20 for a decent university for US. Initially i thought i will take H1 interview first and it that doesnt materialize i will go for F1 but practically that is not a possiblity as H1 interview will be in December where as F1 classes will start in August. So i thought i would take F1 interview first and then go for H1 in Decemeber .IS it possible to take interview that way ? Will there be any problem if i attend for H1 when i have an F1 status.

Thanks for your patience.

Will you travel to US in August to join the school?

The H-1 needs to be applied in April if you want to make through the current cap. You can file w/ PP so that it gets processed quickly. Once approved, you can appear for stamping as early as July. If that runs into issues then you can go for F-1 visa stamping. You may not have enough time to join the classes in time or your F-1 may run into issues as you have already shown immigrant intents by going w/ H-1 visa first.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.