5 months old client letter is good to have for H1B visa stamping


i had a valid H1-B petition from company X. but I didn’t go for stamping as the project got closed. hence I found a consultant and who found a job for me in the US. To transfer the petition, I have attended interview and got a client letter from a reputed US company dated with May 2015.

From may 2015 - Jul 2015 USCIS didn’t accept any H1B transfer through premium. because of that my petition transfer is delayed for 2-3 months. later i applied again in premium and got it transfered to consultant name.

But now client letter is 5 months old.

Note: my situation is, I cannot go and get a new client letter…

Please advice me, Is it OK to go for stamping with the same client letter or will it create any trouble.?

You should be fine. Your attorneys can handle this for you. Don’t worry.