35 backlogs, 6 years B.tech, 1 year experience and 58% in b.tech. Can I get an admit from a decent university?

I’m currently working at an MNC( 1year+ experience). I’ve 35 backlogs (cleared) in B.tech and 58.28%. It took me 6 years to complete my degree. Initially I’m not interested in engineering and joined due to pressure from my family. I’ve neglected studies in 1st & 2nd years. However I motivated myself and worked hard to complete my degree. I’ve RHCSA & RHCE ( Linux) certifications. I’m learning python for automation at work. I’ve scored 7 in IELTS. I’m planning to do MS in Network and system administration or MIS (Interested in MS in CS also 2nd priority). Can I get admission from a decent university if I get a good score in GRE? Is it advisable for me to pursue masters in US considering my profile?

You will be alright - many universities will be happy to accept you

Thank you. Can you advise me any other steps to improve my profile and what’s the minimum score that I need to get in GRE so that I can improve my chances of getting admit from a good university

You may have to put in efforts outside of your work, to build your profile. It is good if you have some voluntary research experience, and projects. Training/ Certifications may also help. Along with all of these, a good GRE score will help you gain admissions.

Thank you. I currently have 2 certifications in system administration and I’m looking for specializing in network and system administration. What should be my target in GRE to improve my profile