2nd RFE PP Clock Stopped --Is it 3rd one or denial/approval?

Hi Saurabh,

Process: h4 to H1

Centre: VSC
Processing : PP
1st rfe: June ’13( Asking paystubs and other employer related info which my employer didn’t revealed , confirmed me its an easy one)

I was left bit relaxed but nerved.
To no more surprise ,I am one of the unluckiest person who recvd 2nd one.

2nd Rfe: July 13 ( Employer-emp relationship, totally employer related query)

Employer responded in SEP.
Today is the 14 th day of my second rfe PP clock stopped , 4.30 hrs back…still nothing moved?

[b]Is this denial or approval? I dnt want third RFE here .[/b]

A PP case started in april going till october sounds weird isn’t it. I came here on leaves from a top MNC and now i have resigned that company just few days back. …feeling pity on myself… I am planning back to go to my home country while my spouse wud be here as career matters to me a lot…

[b]Fingers crossed just 0.1% are the approval chances now.[/b]

I understand your concerns. Just wait for the RFE/Result do not jump to conclusions.

No Update by my attorney yet and clock is stuck at IR since yesterday.


Could you please reply? I really count on your views.

My attorney says the petition has been moved to premium and I had paid the attorney, but in the USCIS site I dont see any reference for premium for my petion.

Could some one help me out on this.I can verify in some place whether my petition has been moved to premium using the receipt number.


Please reply.