2nd Masters after more than 12 months outside the US. How to approach OPT & CPT now ?? Urgent!!

I’m planning a second master’s after I completed mine over a year ago. After graduation in august 2015, I started OPT on Spet '15 and due to unavoidable circumstances I left the US on Jan '16. I was not employed on OPT per se, i merely updated as voluntary work at the university to avoid unemployment days.

I now have 2 admissions from reputed universities but the whole SEVIS, OPT & CPT procedure is daunting.

Can i get OPT a second time? If not, how can I use CPT to get a job and apply for H1B? Will my SEVIS be the same or do i have to apply and pay the SEVIS fee for the new F1 visa?

Well, You may be able to claim some of the unused OPT period in first masters. Regarding CPT, you may be able to work on it for sometime after couple of semesters, depending on the school. It is best to speak to the DSO at the schools you have got admission to get more clarity.