22g White Slip - Visa status is still Ready


I have attended visa interview on 15-Dec and got 221(g) white slip from hyderabad consulate asking to
submit Project detais + client petetionr contractor in next 3 to 4 days.I informed my employer sn they are
working on doument preparation.I have verified status in visa tracking poratl and showing status as “Ready”
for interview even after 1 week of interview.

Please let me know why status showing like that /is there any problem with my case / consulate people forgot status update?

It is possible that online status is incorrect. You should get the documents from employer and then submit it against the issued 221g.

I recently attended interview. I am also facing the same. I was given 221g white for h1b hyd. And asked to submit project document. before even submitting in ustravel docs status is showing as pass is with us embassy or consulate. but actually pass port is with me, it was returned back to me at the end interview and asked to submit proj doc.
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