221g White Slip - No Documents asked and no checked boxes on the slip

I have been given the a white slip with no documents asked or no boxes checked for a H1B petition attending the 2nd time (first time got approved a couple of years ago this is my second stamping with a different employer) and its been 3 weeks since the interview, it still shows administrative processing. Can you guys let me know what is the most probable way the consulate would reach you after making a decision and also what is the time line i am looking at ? The passport was taken by the VO after the interview but was returned immediately after 2 days. I thought i must have gotten the visa since they took the passport back. I see that in most of the online forums it is indicated that it is a bad sign to have the passport returned, can anyone please give me more insight on it if possible. Appreciate your help!

Interview Questions:

VO: What is the highest Degree of Education?

Answer: Masters in Engineering

VO: What field?

Answer: Civil Engineering.

VO went inside took sometime to come out , was talking to another consular and he kept on typing for a bit after coming back to his seat.

VO: Who is your employer?

Answer: XXXX

VO: Who is your client?

Answer: XXXX

VO: Client Location?

Answer: I mentioned the office where i work from but the headquarters is in different place so the officer asked if it was that location.

VO: Who was your previous employer? Were you with the same client when you were with the previous employer?

Answer: Yes

After a while he took the passport back and asked no documents or any further questions, he took my passport and returned my i797. I assumed i got the Visa. Thanks,SSS

what was the status of your application and how long did it take ?