221g White Slip Issued On H1B Please Help

Hi ,

I aapeared for H1 Visa interview on 12 Feb 2014 with my wife. in delhi consulate

The Consulate took my interview for more than 15 min. 
After some general questions, She asked me that where i am going to work?, I told her that I will be working in the ABC company office only. Then she looked into her screen for 5 mins and then told ABC company is a IT staffing company. I told her that yes it is IT Staffing company but also does the software development work too. Then She asked for project description, offer letter and employment verification letter which i showed to her. Even after she did not sound very convinced. When I tried her show I129, LCA and my educational documents, But she refused to look on them. After a long typing on her computer, She handed over my all passport with 221(g) white slip, with following documents required.
1. Company Tax documents from 2009 - 2012.
2. Also require a letter regarding in house software development from company.

She did not asked anything from my wife.

Please advice me that what should be my next step to go ahead with this. Will it be cleared or not.

Thank you,
Adarsh Vishnoi

submit docs ASAP… They just want to make sure everything u said was right

Hi Adarsh, Do you have any update on your case? I also had my interview yesterday and VO gave me a 221g white slip. Please reply.


Hi, I am waiting for the documents from my employer. then i will submit the documents.
Can you please let me know that is there any kind of document they have asked from you? Is there any specific reason for issuing of 221g. like in my case they are asking for employer tax returns and other documents.
and on which consulate you have given your interview?

Adarsh Vishnoi

In my case, they have asked me submit the specific project description that i am going to be assigned. Even i am waiting for the documents from my employer.

Any updates on your case ?

Hi Adarsh,

Did you got any updates on your case ? I am also in the same boat as yours… They also give me same 221g asking employer tax returns and project description.


Hi ksbhagwat,

Did you got any updates for your case.i m also in the same boat.they asked companies tax return and my role/project description.

My case didnt went ahead.I took help from another employer to transfer my 797