221G - White slip in April 2021 in New Delhi - India

Hi All,

I’m sharing my situation here and hoping if someone could give me some advise. any help will be highly appreciated!

  1. I was on H1b from 2010 in USA and came to India due to personal issues in 2017 (I140 approved).
  2. Last year I had a company file for my H1 transfer and got it approved in November’2020.
  3. I Attended my H1 visa interview on Feb1st in Mumbai and was sent back saying ’ Presidential Proclamation is in place’ and comeback once it’s lifted.
  4. Booked another appointment in New Delhi on 12th April 2021 and was issued a 221g white slip (to get a medical checkup done by panel physicians) because I had a DUI 10 years ago in 2011.
  5. I got it done and submitted reports along with my passport and 797 on 22nd April.
  6. On 10th June my case status changed to ‘last updated 10th June’ but still no update.
  7. I’m a consultant working for government client which comes under critical infrastructure.
  8. I also have a letter from client manager as well.

My question is Can I request the consulate for a NIE in my case and if yes, how can i do it?
Can someone please advise?


Below should answer all your questions re: NIE.


Thank you Kalpesh. Although this article explains what is NIE, I’m still not sure if it works in my case. I want to know if I can email consulate requesting my application to consider for NIE. Like I said in my earlier post I attended the visa and got 221G(currently under administrative processing).Please let me know if I can reach out to consulate via email.