221g white slip H1b hyderabad - pass port status showing incorrectly?

I have attended my h1b visa interview on 2nd sep in hyderabab. I was given 221g white slip asking to submit the project document as i will be working on an in house project with my employer. My passport was returned after interview. In CEAC status is showing as “Adminstrative Procesding”, but in US traveldocs it is showing as “Your passport is with US embassy or consulate”. I have sent proj document to the given mail id on 6th sep, but status/date last updated has not changed tll now.
Here are the questions i have.

  1. Approxmately, How long will it take for 221g white slip h1b hyderabad after submitting the document?
  2. what are the chances of getting cleared?
  3. why the status is showing incorrectly in Ustraveldocs website?
  4. can my employer or attorny followup on the case?


  1. No SLA. It can take days, weeks or months.

  2. Depends upon the review of the document. Frankly, lot of times internal projects are a sham to avoid client letters. If that is the case, then it would be tough to get the approval.

  3. Standard values

  4. They can after 60 days. However, the updates/review wouldn’t be expedited b/c of this.