221g white slip for h1b


I went for stamping on dec 2nd.

I was issued 221g white slip and my case is in administrative processing but passport is with consulate. VO said they need to do additional processing.What are the chances of getting visa as my passport was not returned? How long will they keep the passport? Can it be rejected even if passport is still with them?The 221g white slip does not have any details, it was a plain paper and nothing was written or marked on it by VO.I have not been asked to submit any kind of documents.Anyone with similar case?

Which consulate location had you went ? Did you provide client letter ? Was this your first h1b stamping ? Did you have middle vendors between client and you ?

Interview was in Hyderabad and yes it was my first H1b stamping. I work as a full time employee in Cisco. They didn’t ask me anything.

Status changed to issued today.