221g white slip - employer submitted the documents and its been 4 months - what are my next steps


I received 221g blue form stating that it requires the administrative processing. After couple of months received 221g white slip asking for the required documents. My employer responded back to consulate with all the necessary documentation and its been 4 months we haven’t received any response from US Consulate. What are my next steps on this? How long this wait would be? Please throw me some light if anyone faced similar issue.


I have faced same issues, During vis interview They asked me to submit company tax docs, and handed over yellow slip.(note this slip colour )

I personally went to embassy with that docs and submitted. they took passport and tax letter, I797 original Approval notice.

After 3 days got call from them, stating they r returning my passports and need further admin process. recvd passport with pink slip.(pls make note of this slip colour)

10 months passed , no update, for my emails they respond Still under admin process.

Employer says no one contacted him, I left with No idea on what to do.

finally I sent an email to embassy and asked where my file is located, then I got wonderful reply.

Pls submit the documents mentioned on yellow slip. thats it my fuse gone.

I replied to their email all the story, along with the pink slip I was holding as an attachment.

they asked me re submit tax docs , and i submitted.

Just with in 4 hrs I got mail to drop my passports to issue visa.

In your case if it is going more delay, Pls make sure they have received the requested docs.

if they say not received then follow up, if they say received, then check where your file located. whether it is with embassy or returned to USCIS.

If returned to USCIS contact ur employer on what to do next.

Final Bump in my story, Embassy lost my I797 Original approval Letter, and tax docs, Now I have Visa but not 797 Letter , SO I applied for duplicate copy of 797. :slight_smile:

Hi Vcskl,

Thank a lot for your quick response. Actually I asked a related question as a follow up but somehow I don’t see that question was posted to you, hence re-posting it as a comment to you. You said you dropped email to Embassy to locate your file. Did you drop this email to Embassy at New Delhi? If so, could you please share all those email addresses/phone numbers with me if you have it handy.

Appreciate your kind help in this regard.


My interview was happened at US Embassy, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). not at Delhi.
for all administrative processing cases , Us embassy in Kuala lumpur will have a separate email address to answer queries. so i emailed to that address.
Same Way U try to figure out any separate email address/ phone number for the embassy location u attended interview.
but one word i can say if your employer supports you by providing all information, then nothing to worry. keep mailing/calling to embassy to check ur file location and status