221g White slip - Chennai Consulate avg processing time


I apperaed for H1B visa interview on March 1st. I got 221g white slip( told to submit project details, company tax papers, w2 papers of all employees, and employees list ) and submitted the docs on March 14th along with my passport. The consulate returned my passport without stamping on March 25th and I was told to submit the passport when they request for the same. Its more than 60 days since we submitted the docs. Still the status is in AP.

Any idea, how long this process takes?

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There is no set processing time and at times it can take several months. You need to wait for them to complete the processing and then submit the passport when asked for it.

i got the same issue ,still waiting to get tax return papers from employer.
Any Updates on your case. How much time it took for processing and what is status of ur case rite now.
Please help me.

Hi Udaybaski,

Did you get any update from embassy about your visa? Did you get your visa approved after submitting the docs?



Hi Rose,
Yes, I got my VISA after 5 months of waiting. It happened 7 months before and I am in USA now.


Did you get your visa?If yes how long does it took?