221g White slip at Mumbai Consulate on February 11th 2016

I have given interview at Mumbai Consulate on February 11th 2016. After few mins of discussions officer has given me 221g white slip. And ask me to submit Project description, Working itinerary, and last 3 years Employer’s tax return, and Quarterly Wage report by email and email attachment size should not more than 2 MB.

My employer submitted Project Description, Client letter, Vendor Letter but Quarterly wage report size is too big more than 90 MB files. and in white slip it written mail size should be less than 2 MB. So my employer asked me to other way of submission. We didn’t get any response for 2 weeks than I have sent email to US travel docs. They told me to submit those docs personally in Mumbai VFS. I went to Mumbai to submit those documents around 600 pages. I have submitted to Mumbai VFS office and after 1 week I received one email that your passport is dispatched and I was surprised that how can they send my passport it still with me. I went to my drop box office and got to know it is same documents which I have sent them in Mumbai VFS. And they have sent me one letter to submit required documents in email only Multiple emails allowed.

I have split all the documents in 2 MB file and submitted through email. And for that I need to send around 60 emails. After one week I have sent another email to Travel Docs folks about my status they checked with Consulate and gave response that you cannot send more than 5 PDF attachments.

Now please help if someone went with same kind of issue? How can we send those documents to Mumbai Consulate. It almost ate my 2 months here. I am in big trouble now.

I asked same question to Mumbai VFS and Consulate. Please help if someone face the same issue or related like that.


You can take following action.

First send an email explaining yr problem In the second to 5 th attachment, condense quarterly wage report to fit 2MB x 4 e mails

explain what you are doing and why in first e mail. I think it is possible to condense the report. instead of giving each emplyee detail , make summary stating — 50 employees total wage bill —xyz if possible yr employer should get the summary certified by competent US authority