221g White slip at Hyd Consulate on May 14 2012

Hi All,

I had my Visa interview last month on May 14, 2012, EVC Model and was asked a lot of questions on Employer-Employee relationship and at the end was made to sign the document which had all answers I gave to the VO for the questions he asked. At the end he gave me a white 221g slip with additonal admin processing checked.

After 6 weeks of my interview date when I try to track my case online it still says case number not identified, not sure why. I tried contacting VFS through emails and phone but was of no use. Any idea why my case number is still not identified online and also roughly how long might this white 221g take depending on the similar cases this year.

Thanks for the help.

Well, not sure how the online tracking works…it may not be up-to-date. All you can do is wait. Unfortunately, there is no set time limit. You just have to wait…To get others info, you can check out the H1B 221g Tracker

Hi vbolla,

are you sure you have the correct case number - call vfs and ask them?

Hi, Mine is a similar case. They took around 60 days to get back.

Online case search doesn’t work. It always returns no record found with this data.

Did you got your visa stamped as even mine is EVC model applied this year. My petition got approved need to go for Visa Interview.

Your experience, advice and guidance is highly appreciated