221g white form at Hyderabad Consulate

I recently attended the visa interview for H1 B at Hyderabad consulate. I was issued 221(g) white form with the section ‘administartive processing’ ticked by visa officer.

Later after 2 days I received a call from consulate asking to submit few documents which I have emailed on the same day.

I did not receive any confirmation on whether the documents have been received and I do not see any change of status in ceac website.

Is there any way that I can find out if the documents have been received and the processing is happening on my application?

You can call the consulate and check with them to see if they received your documents.

I did that. They gave me some call center number and there’s no way I can speak to an executive through that.

Could you help me with the appropriate contact number?


you should get auto reply after sending the mail with required documents.That was the confirmation .Otherwise you can send mail to support-india@ustraveldocs.com , regarding receiving documents or not.Definitely you you will get reply.