221G white form after my F-1 visa at Hyderabad

Hello ,

I have attended my F-1 visa interview in Hyderabad,India.I have taken an in - principle loan sanction letter for my visa interview.

The interviewer asked me for fully sanctioned loan letter and he told me that I shouldn’t have attended for my interview without a fully sanctioned loan letter.

At the end of my interview the interviewer gave me a 221-G ( white color) form with the other option ticked and in remarks he wrote “FUNDING”.
He told me that he cannot continue with my application as it needs administrative processing and hence he asked me to scan all my financial documents ( sponsors bank certificate and statement, affidavit of support and fully sanctioned loan letter) and send to a mail id mentioned in the form.
But in the form it states that I need to submit the documents in the nearest OFC or VFS centres.
I was able to get my loan fully sanctioned after 2 days of my visa interview and now all my financial documents are in good shape.
Can anyone please tell me whether I need to scan the documents or submit them at the nearest OFC?


Do you see an email address on the 221g letter that the VO gave? If yes, go ahead and email them all the documents mentioning clearly what are the attachments and your passport,case# and interview details.

This is my opinion not Legal advise.

Hi bob,

I find an email address in the 221G slip which the interviewer gave me.
I will go ahead and mail all my funding documents.
Thank you

Hello did you get your visa, how many days did it take for you to get the visa approval? I am stuck up on the same thing, i have been asked to submit loan letter on 23 Dec 2016 interview date and i emailed the same after 2 working days which is 27 December but there is still no update on my case, do i need to submit my passport at VFS? Please advice.

Hi… got a mail after 15 days asking for my passport. After 18 days my visa sstatus changed to issued.

Thank you for the reply, Did your status change on the ceac website after 15 days? Yesterday when i checked the “Last updated date” changed to 11 January which is yesterday, But the status still remains the same as Administrative processing.