221G refusal in Kolkata


I had applied for a 221G stamp in Kolkata in September and lost my passport while in India. I had applied for a new passport and got it with a new number.

Now I have applied for my H1B stamp again with letters from my Attorney. The Visa interview went smoothly and I was asked to sign a form notifying that I have lost my passport. The VO empathized with me saying that he knows how he feels, etc. After that he asked me my highest degree and I am a PhD in Chemical Engineering. After that he said that everything looks good (I had my I-797A, my LCA, and all other documents (I-129 and H supplements) and they will require a bit of further admin processing and asked me to wait for a couple of mins. After 20 mins of waiting another person (not the VO) called me and said that they need further admin processing and handed over me a white 221G indicating me that I should submit my resume and a questionnaire which I did the very same day (22-Dec-2015). This all happened with the Kolkata Consulate.

Can anyone shed light as to how much time it might take?

Looks like TAL. In the past I have seen similar cases take 3-4 weeks to get approved. However, that’s a general timeline and each case may be adjudicated within a different timeframe.