221g received to e-mail list of documents to Mumbai consulate (H1b)

Hi All,

I did Dropbox on 03/23. Received passport without stamping and with yellow slip to attend interview. Interview done on 06-mar-2020 and received another 221g form to e-mail list of documents.
Documents e-mailed on 17-mar-2020 to mumbai797@state.gov. since then waiting for any response.

I have few question -

  1. Are they(US consulate general) working on 221g cases during COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. Its been around 60 days I haven’t heard anything and my client haven’t received any verification e-mail. What are my options now.?
  3. Can i contact US consulate general Mumbai to find my status?

Any response on above will be appreciated. Thanks.

I am in a similar situation. I attended my H1b Visa interview on 8th March and was given 221 G Pink slip. Passport was retained at the US Consulate chennai and was requested some documents which I submitted few days later via email. No clue whats happening yet. Status is still same

Thanks Rudresh for your reply. I am also clueless on my 221g. Didn’t receive any update yet. Please keep us posted if you get response on your case.

Hi Rudresh. Its been more than 70 days I haven’t heard anything on my 221g case. Please let me know if you got any update on your case.

Anyone any update on resuming 221g processing?